Missing Classmates

If we do not have a current e-mail address for a classmate, they will appear on the Missing Classmates list until we do. Communication for the 40th Class Reunion on April 23, 2016 will be primarily handled electronically so if you see a friend on this list, please contact them and ask them to set up a login and profile on ths website to make sure they receive all communications about the reunion. We hope to see as many classmates at the reunion as possible.

Cynthia Irene Allen
Rusty Alvis
David Anderson
Janet Anderson (Bailey)
Paul Arroyo
Charlotte Banks
Ronnie Barnes
Cynthia Bell (Stephens)
Hollis Bishop
Beth Burgess (Hrbacek)
Lynn Calvit
Jimmy Cantu
Tedodulo "Ted" Cantu
Cynthia Carter (Davis)
David Chapman
Kevin Chapman
Louise May Clark
Charles Corte
Annette Crocker
Janet Daugett (Doubet)
Cynthia Dearman
Cindy DelPrete (McLaughlin)
Kathleen Denison
Patricia Dildy
Becky Duncan
Debra Duncan (Healy)
Melinda Dworaczyk (Lysandrou)
Debra Foster
Jesse Garza, Jr.
Patricia Glenn
Linda Gonzales (Rivas)
Marshall Hale
John Hallmark
Katrina Hammonds (Shinn)
Lonnie Harper
James Hartt
Shannon Hohensee (Damuth)
Susie Huggins (Vegas)
Jerry Hunt
Dennis Johnson
Mark Johnston
Stephanie Juull (Race)
Darlene Kincaide
Barbara Landry
Annette Lilley (Boyd)
Leonard Livingston
Thomas Livingston
David Maddox
Sandra Matlock (Ellis)
Linda Maxwell (Dudley)
Debbie Mays (Price)
Melody McKinley (Stokes)
Carol McManus
Lance Napoleon
John Noe
Sherry Nugent
Kent Nutt
Lyndel Parker
Allan Partain
Gilbert Perez
Cyndi Pippin (Ellis)
Jeanne Plemons (Carroll)
James Poynter
Linda Poynter
Dana Reynolds (Stegall)
Donald Ritnour
Richard Rost
Billie Sanchez (Smith)
Noel Santellana
James Sapp
Stanley Shearer
Sheree Sizemore (Nelson)
Carol Springer (Spencer)
Victor Stevens
Jayme Temple
Debbie Treesh (McAdams)
Billy Voigt
Arnold Webb
Mary Ann Wilkes (Hanegan)
Tammie Wilkes (DeTray)
Cynthia Williams (Daniel)